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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Book 1) (Paperback)

by J.K. Rowling

Teaching the 'Law and Order' Short Story 12

How do you teach writing to students who watch movies and television instead of reading?

Read Me! Please!: Book Titles Rewritten to Get More Clicks 78

As Upworthy-style headlines sweep the internet, aiming to snag as many clicks as possible by pandering to as many whims and obsessions as possible, the dignified mystery of the great book title stands in stark contrast.

Harry Potter and the Teflon Cloak 0

The Literary Origins of North West 5

Is Kimye aware of the literary connotation of their baby name? Probably not, or they wouldn't have associated their daughter with mommy issues and madness as fickle as the wind.

Dreaming of Hogwarts and Hunger Games 16

The plainspoken pulse of The Hunger Games series doesn't beg you to stop and savor the language. But I’m not reading Mockingjay for those reasons. I’m reading to find out whether the Capitol mutations bred deliberately to hunt Katniss are going to tear her to pieces before she manages to kill President Snow.

A Novel in Three Days 11

Seventy-two hours to produce a novel? The International 3-Day Novel Contest proves that writing can be an extreme sport.

Books of Our Times 0