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Great Expectations (Dover Thrift Editions) (Paperback)

by Charles Dickens

No Miss Havishams Here: On Emma Rathbone's 'Losing It' 0

Literary virgins with any agency are few and far between.

Life Is Short and This Book Is Long: Two Thoroughly Modern Women Continue to Discuss 'David Copperfield' 19

I still have 200 pages to go and I can barely remember what it's like to truly love a book. I am so behind and the book is starting to feel endless. Every night I tell myself, "Okay, go to bed early. Read for an hour or more." Then I get in bed, read two pages, and fall asleep at 9 pm or whatever it is.

Poor Davy! Two Thoroughly Modern Women Discuss David Copperfield 4

Rarely do I read a book that leads me to Charles Dickens, especially considering I tend to read either autobiographical fiction or semi-experimental nonfiction written by women. So who is gonna fave my David Copperfield tweets, I guess is my point?!

A Year In Reading: Claire Cameron 0

Yanagihara's novel has fueled conversations across four social networks, five countries, and countless years of friendship. That’s more than enough to count as my book of the year.

Not Enough 0

Consider the classic 0