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Going Rogue: An American Life (Hardcover)

by Sarah Palin

A Year in Reading: Brad Listi 4

Early in the year I tried -- no kidding -- to read everything ever written by and about Sarah Palin. It was like the literary equivalent of Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me.

OWS: Book Coming Soon 0

The Happy Ghost 13

Ghostwriting used to be book publishing's dirty little secret. No more. Today a growing cadre of writers are discovering that checking their ego at the door and telling someone else's story can make them very successful, very rich and, in at least one case, as close to happy as most writers will ever get.

Going Rogue: The Unauthorized Index 0

The Bolaño Myth and the Backlash Cycle 10

If a Bolaño backlash materializes, it will mark a revolt not against his books, but against a particular narrative being spun about them. With a tendentious but seductive account of the experience The Savage Detectives offers U.S. readers, "Bolaño Inc." provides the perfect cover story for those who can't be bothered to do the reading.

How Many Palins Does It Take To Break Even? 0

Sarah Baracuda, In Her Own Words 0

Tina Brown, Goin' Rogue, and the Limits of Timeliness 0

Isn't the erstwhile "Queen of Buzz" part of the problem of dwindling attention spans, rather than part of the solution?