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Fahrenheit 451 (Mass Market Paperback)

by Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury Passes Away 3

The Journey to Planet X: Margaret Atwood's In Other Worlds 4

How many have seriously pondered Wonder Woman’s lineage to Diana the Huntress, for example? Or exactly how the superpowers and shortcomings of mythological heroes are conferred on their comic book cousins?

On Epigraphs 20

Should epigraphs be thought of as part of the text, a sort of pre-modern, post-modern device, like tossing a newspaper clipping into the body narrative? Or are they actually a direct invitation by the author, perhaps saying, “Look here, for from this inspiration came this tale?”

Amazon's Orwell Repo an Orwellian Move 3

Never Mind the Golubchiks: Some Notes on Tatyana Tolstaya's The Slynx 5

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Won't Somebody Please Think Of The Children 7

Ask a Book Question: The Third in a Series (The Constructive Subversive) 0