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Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter (Vintage) (Paperback)

by Tom Bissell

Word Counts and Body Counts: On Video Games and the Writing Life 0

Whenever my classmates prodded me with questions about my work, I cited my latest word count as evidence of a Puritan industry. I failed to mention -- I couldn't mention -- how closely it tracked with my body count.

Video Games Are a Metaphor for Life: Austin Grossman's You 4

I like listening to people talk about video games. Not those conversations about who scored a sick no-scope head shot, or which character's passive ability allows them to farm the most efficiently, mind you, but about why video games can be meaningful and why they matter.

Play It Again: Neal Stephenson's Reamde 4

Every video game has a guiding story. “PLUMBER’S GIRLFRIEND CAPTURED BY APE!” was the original game story, and they have evolved from that into worlds of moral quandary.

Tom Bissell Turns Pop 0