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Distant Star (Paperback)

by Roberto Bolano

A Year in Reading: Mensah Demary 1

All I wanted was a literary life — a professional and artistic life defined by the act of creating literature, whether as a writer, a publisher of other writers, and even a curator of writers for live audiences — but achieving a dream simultaneously reveals a void.

The Bolaño Syllabus: A Final Reckoning 9

What you need to read, what you might want to, and what you can pass over without losing sleep.

The Bolaño Syllabus, Updated 6

With a new title appearing practically every quarter, where should a Bolañophile turn first?

The Bolaño Myth and the Backlash Cycle 10

If a Bolaño backlash materializes, it will mark a revolt not against his books, but against a particular narrative being spun about them. With a tendentious but seductive account of the experience The Savage Detectives offers U.S. readers, "Bolaño Inc." provides the perfect cover story for those who can't be bothered to do the reading.

A Bolaño Syllabus 16

To help acclimate newcomers to this odd and essential author; to continue mapping the Bolañoverse, as Malcolm Cowley mapped Yoknapatawpha; and to impose some order on the flood of Bolaño releases, The Millions offers a syllabus.

Surrealpolitik: A Review of Horacio Castellanos Moya's Senselessness and Francisco Goldman's The Art of Political Murder 1

A Year in Reading: Garth Risk Hallberg 4

Cower, Hounds!: A Review of Roberto Bolaño's Nazi Literature in the Americas 1

A Year in Reading: Laurie 2