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Crime and Punishment (Paperback)

by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Crime and Punishment and Singing 1

Dangerous Minds 0

Reading The Brothers Karamazov: Even a Toddler Knows a Funny Name When He Hears One 14

My son has a long way to go until he’s reading The Brothers Karamazov, but hopefully not so long that he forgets about Stinking Lizaveta before he gets there. I hope I’ll be near at hand, or only a phone call away, when he discovers that the funny name we used to whisper to each other is actually a very sad character in a great novel, and that the line between life and art is arbitrary, if it exists at all.

In Search of Iago 5

If we dig deep into literary villainy do we find caricature or do we find ourselves?

The Millions Interview: Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky 17

There is at least as much intuition as intention in the process. A good translator has to follow that process far more consciously than the writer and yet come as close as possible in the new language to the instinctive "rightness" of the original. The greater the writer, the closer you want to come. That is both the challenge and the joy of it.

Portraits of the Artist: The Work of Carl Köhler 4

Köhler's subjects ranged from Michael Jackson to Charles Bukowski and his experimentation with many startlingly different techniques and media in his portraiture, as well as his often exquisite pairings of style and subject, give his work an arresting and distinctive expressiveness.

The Millions Quiz: The Glaring Gap 38

Inter Alia #12: Tell No One I'm A Literary Snob 2

The Devil Inside: A Review of Mikhail Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita 4

Pocket Totems: Taking Comfort by Roger Morris 0

Barracks Reading Part 1 5

Diversions and Distractions Part 5: A Reading Journal 1

2003: My Year in Reading (Pt. 4) 0

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Ask a Book Question: The Fifth in a Series (The Russians Are Coming) 0