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Couples (Paperback)

by John Updike

Something Sinister on the North Shore 4

Once cracks start showing, you’re supposed to do your best to look away.

Pass the Rémy Red Berry Infusion: John Wray Interviews Matt Dojny 2

The purpose of my acknowledgment of the existence of human sexuality in the novel was to make myself and my family (and probably the reader) as uncomfortable as possible...Speaking of which, instead of Otis Redding, I'm going to sing "My Humps." Hold my beer, please.

Wanting it Bad: The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides 4

On its face, The Marriage Plot appears to be a novel that mentions a lot of novels without talking about any of them. These facile, knowing references disguise the sly ways that this novel engages with its predecessors.

Exclusive: The First Lines of Jeffrey Eugenides's The Marriage Plot 14

A bookish first paragraph kicks off this new novel set to come out in October.

John Updike, and the Curious Business of Sustaining Literary Reputations 0

Melville apparently was the deceased writer Updike worried he would become -- dead before he‘d died.

My Favorites' Favorites 12

Where I formerly swallowed recommendations whole, I now cull through them – not exactly on my own but in a more independent fashion. I find books, I do not just receive them. Or, I try to.

The Franzen Cover and a Brief History of Time 17

A look at Time's 83 literary coverboys and -girls reveals a waffling between reaching out and selling out that, today, we'd describe as Franzean.