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Cloud Atlas: A Novel (Paperback)

by David Mitchell

In Order to Live: Story Structure in the Horoscopic Style 4

We have no idea what we’re talking about when we talk about structure.

A Different Kind of Iraq Novel: 'War Porn' 0

The literature of this war has focused on the homefront to a greater degree than any other conflict in U.S. history. Roy Scranton is having none of this.

The Millions Top Ten: April 2016 0

If you're reading this, you survived to bear witness as Donald Trump became the Grand Old Party's official presidential candidate.

The Book Report: Episode 38: When Your Favorite Author Lets You Down 2

Not discussed in this episode: Alice Munro's disappointing short story collection, The Cottage by, I Don't Know, Let's Say, the Pond or Something.

Sins in Thy Orisons: On David Mitchell’s 'Slade House' 13

The unifying project Mitchell has taken on is initially thrilling in its apparent scope. And though his machinations are luxurious, underneath the heavy-handed codswallop is the pungent flavor of raw voices, coming from characters we recognize from the street. As long as his books are populated by such real people, Mitchell will deserve his following, but he is in danger of a fatal shark-jumping accident.

The Millions Top Ten: March 2015 0

Well, folks, it's happened.

The Weight of Knowledge: On Moving Books 9

It would be trickier to decide whom to put in the adult diaper boxes.

An Infinite Maze: On the Many Voices of the Dublin Murder Squad 2

These novels generate vertiginous thrills as they dramatize the difficulties of understanding ourselves, other people, and the world at large.

Judging Books by Their Covers 2015: US Vs. Netherlands 12

I was recently looking at the covers of Dutch-language books. Despite our different cultures, we share many overlaps in our literary taste. I hoped that I could draw some conclusions about those tastes by comparing book covers. After spending way too much time on the task, I conclude that I can’t.

New Novel from David Mitchell 0

A Year in Reading: Janet Potter 8

I took Pulphead by John Jeremiah Sullivan on my summer vacation, and nothing will ever be the same.

A Year in Reading: Matthew Thomas 3

This book is a draught of cold air, a slap in the face, a wakeup call.

Artifacts of the Present: The Millions Interviews Emily St. John Mandel 3

I’m fascinated by the phenomenon where three people will witness the same event and remember it in three completely different ways. Structuring a book in a non-linear fashion with multiple points of view allows me to revisit the same plot points from completely different angles.

'The Blank Screen Is the Enemy': The Millions Interviews David Mitchell 5

Realism, when done well, is more fantastical than fantasy.

The Millions Top Ten: September 2014 2

A longtime Millions favorite author debuts in the number one spot.

Book Sightings 0

In the Edges of the Maps: David Mitchell’s The Bone Clocks 3

There is a moment where Mitchell reaches right into your chest, puts his fingers on your heart, and presses down.

Twitter: like a teenager high on Valium 1

Most Anticipated: The Great Second-Half 2014 Book Preview 19

At over 8,000 words strong and encompassing 84 titles, this is the only second-half 2014 book preview you will ever need.

The Millions Top Ten: May 2014 0

An eighth author becomes a two-time Hall of Famer

A History of Love (of Bookstores) 6

I have a long string of past loves, but they’re all bookstores.

Beethoven Got There First 6

The Grand Experimenter, it turns out, was Ludwig van Beethoven. This musical colossus, completely deaf, his personal affairs in chaos, perennially behind in his finances, unwell and unloved, reworked the string quartet in ways that continue to bewilder and astonish.

A Year in Reading: Rachel Kushner 1

More biographies should be poetic-philosophical treatises that foreclose morality in favor of essence.

David Mitchell's Next Novel 1

A Multiplicity of Voices: On the Polyphonic Novel 28

With each foray onto the Internet, each ping and clang, we are searching for meaning in a haystack of data, balancing perspectives, trying to find reason in a cacophony of opinion. Is it any wonder we are drawn to fiction that reflects this new way of being, to a form that’s uniquely suited to our fragmented and globalized century?

A Year In Reading: Wrap Up 2

The numbers this year were simply bonkers.

A Year in Reading: Elizabeth Minkel 1

It’s the sort of book that turns you into an evangelist, in an almost embarrassing way, like, reaching into your purse to wave a copy in peoples’ faces when someone casually mentions, “I hear you’re writing about cricket?”

A Year in Reading: Matt Dojny 3

The Lhasa Apso is in no way an obedient slave; he considers himself an equal.

Filming the Unfilmmable: On David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas 2

Cloud Atlas is no mere adaptation: it’s a big, ambitious structural overhaul, one that has been likened by Mitchell, amongst others, to a mosaic, all of his Russian dolls smashed to pieces and carefully reassembled.

The Amazon Alphabet: From Audio Books to Zoo 4

The ABCs of Amazon: a peek into the reading habits of America and, like it or not, a primer for what's popular in the world of books.

a multitude of drops 0

The Books We Come Back To 62

It shows adulthood and devotedness, I think, to try and get back to a book you love, every four seasons or so. So which books do you all reread yearly, or biannually, or quadrennially, or decennially, and why?

From word nerd to language animal 1

Fractured World: Hari Kunzru's Gods Without Men 2

At its center are Jaz and Lisa Matharu, he Sikh, she Jewish, and their severely autistic son, Raj. When the boy vanishes in the Mojave Desert, the parents are eventually accused of murder. Around them, Kunzru weaves a fiendish web of plots and subplots. The effect is exhilarating.

Where We Write 33

As our Millions staffers share in their illustrated entries, when we write, we're making due (often happily!) with offices, studio apartments, coffee shops, and guest bedrooms.

Most Anticipated: The Great 2012 Book Preview 83

At 8,400 words strong and encompassing 81 titles, this is the only 2012 book preview you will ever need.

Financing Cloud Atlas 0

Hugh Grant in Cloud Atlas 0

The Millions Top Ten: December 2010 1

Year in Reading recommendations storm the Top Ten.

Writing Is My Peppermint-Flavored Heroin 17

Panic attacks, advance reviews, firearms, squirrels, and chocolate milk: One writer's diary leading up to the day his debut novel is published. Or: “The Ecstasy and Agony of My First Novel Being Published.”

Plot Horses and Narrative Helmets: A Morning with David Mitchell 4

With building blocks, some children build simple walls and steps, and others build castles with moats and turrets using the exact same materials. Mitchell must have been one of the latter -- he recently described his books as “Lego-novels,” made up of component pieces.

The Elusive Omniscient 10

What seems key about the novel is that what we think of as a historical evolution—or a descent from a unified to a fragmented perspective—isn’t an evolution at all. In fact, the novel has always been insecure. It’s just that the manifestation of its insecurity has changed over time.

The Millions Top Ten: March 2010 2

David Mitchell graduates to the Hall of Fame, Michael Lewis debuts, and we have a new number one.

The Millions Top Ten: February 2010 0

Cloud Atlas keeps the top spot. Reality Hunger debuts.

The Millions Top Ten: January 2010 1

Cloud Atlas keeps the top spot. Stoner and Wolf Hall debut.

Most Anticipated: The Great 2010 Book Preview 69

There's something for every lover of fiction coming in 2010, but, oddly enough, the dominant theme may be posthumous publication.

The Millions Top Ten: December 2009 2

Four books debut on the list: Powell, McCann, Pevear and Volokhonsky, and Bouillier. David Mitchell vaults into the top spot.

The Millions Top Ten: November 2009 1

Dave Eggers opens and closes the list. Franzen debuts. And Atwood returns.

The Millions Top Ten: October 2009 0

Eggers, Bolaño, and a mix of old and new.

The Millions Top Ten: September 2009 0

Four books move on to the Hall of Fame and six books debut on the list.

Best of the Millennium, Pros Versus Readers 85

Our distinguished panel selected 20 incredible books as their Best of the Millennium (So Far). What were our readers' favorites from the decade now coming to a close?

#3: Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell 13

It is hard not to make sweeping pronouncements after having lived this book.

Ask a Book Question: #74 (Just One Book) 34

If you could read just one novel, what would it be?

The Prizewinners 2008/2009 8

Ask a Book Question: #68 (Building a 21st Century Contemporary Fiction Syllabus) 27

The Prizewinners Revisited 4

More Booker Prize News 0

The Prizewinners 0

The beauty of British book design 0

Flotsam and Jetsam 0

Critics' Finalists Announced 0

The Booker Surprise 0

Booker Shortlist Excerpt Extravaganza 0

Hardcover or Paperback? 0

Booker Season 0