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Chronicles: Volume One (Paperback)

by Bob Dylan

What Is It About Hibbing? 6

Whether it was the richly funded schools or the iron ore in the water or some other strange vortex (Hibbing is also, weirdly, at the epicenter of climate change), the town boasts an unusual number of writers, some of them culture-changers like Dylan.

Dylan and Defiance 37

He didn’t sound like someone who would be on the radio, and yet, there he was, standing in front of the nation, connecting with people on the basis of what he had to say, not how it sounded. 

Bob Dylan is the Surprise Winner of the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature 21

Whole books have been written, whole careers launched, with discussion of the lyrics of Bob Dylan.

No Satisfaction: Keith Richards and the Rock Memoir 9

Rock-and-roll memoirs are among the most persistently disappointing literary subgenre. Genius that relies on fleeting inspiration, gut feeling, and unthinking improvisation is ill suited to the slow, reflective process of writing. It takes an outsider to get inside.

The Millions Quiz: Fresh, Old, and Moldy 7

Canadians Paying Steep Prices for New Books 2

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