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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Paperback)

by Roald Dahl

Chocolate Tears 0

Made of Sterner Stuff: On Roald Dahl and 'Love From Boy' 0

One gets the sense that it was inevitable that Roald Dahl would become a great writer.

The Anxiety of Influence: Children's Books and Their Grown-Up Counterparts 3

Like Franzen's novels, the Berenstain Bear books might meander, reveling in details alternately informative and irrelevant, but ultimately they're straightforward tales about family.

Remember This Fondly: On Reading Roald Dahl to My Son 2

I can think of no other time that my son will sit, his head propped on my shoulder, for a half an hour or more. That I can sense the drama popping in his mind as I read is an obvious added bonus. Reading storybooks has put us at the neat intersection of stillness and excitement.

Summer without End 1

The habitual aspect may be the antidote to anxiety. But patterns finish. The rhythm ends in grief. The grooves betray.

New Rooms 0

February Books: A Reading List for Love and Late-Winter Gloom 0

Here is a selection of recommended reading for February, full of love, birthdays, and late-winter gloom.

Roald Dahl and the Hilariously Bad Grades 0