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Cat's Eye (Paperback)

by Margaret Atwood

Neither Gift nor Curse: The Millions Interviews Rumaan Alam 0

Novels can do whatever the writer asks them to. It may not work, but you can always ask.

A Year in Reading: Rumaan Alam 1

You can never actually be well read; there’s too much out there.

Tell It Again: On Rewriting Shakespeare 1

Why do we return again and again to Shakespeare's plays, why do we keep rewriting them? Is it in hope that some of his genius will rub off? Are we searching for new possibilities for interpretation, hoping to mine new ore out of well covered ground? Or are we going toe-to-toe, trying our strength against the acknowledged genius of English literature?

Man-Eaters and Murderers: Vile Women in Fiction 17

True villains are a hoot, everyone knows that.

A Year in Reading: Edie Meidav 1

Stumble across any list and you know that always there lives a list beyond all lists: the list of books which you, reader, are unable to explore until you find some Kryptonlike strength over your own autobiographical impediment.

Battle of the Sexes (Part Deux) 0

New & Alluring 0