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C (Hardcover)

by Tom McCarthy

Why Do We Care About Literary Awards? 16

Getting worked up about the fact that really interesting, innovative fiction so often gets ignored by awards judges is, when you think about it, a little bit absurd.

How Avant Is It? Zadie Smith, Tom McCarthy, and the Novel's Way Forward 25

Huge claims have been made on behalf of the novelist Tom McCarthy. But what do they actually tell us about "the future of fiction?"

The New York Times Reviews The Pale King 0

A Year in Reading: Ed Champion (The 13 Most Underrated Books of 2010) 11

2010 was a great year in books!  This was a hard list to assemble!

A Year in Reading 2010 32

There are many ways to measure a year, but the reader is likely to measure it in books.

A to Z of the Shortest Book Titles 2

Booker Shocker: Finkler Takes the Prize 1

The surprising winner of the 2010 Booker Prize is Howard Jacobson's The Finkler Question

Bulletin: Interview with Tom McCarthy, General Secretary, INS 8

This arboreal carnage seemed fitting, however, prior to a meeting with a man who teaches a class on Catastrophe, and who founded the International Necronautical Society, whose mission is to “map, enter, colonise and, eventually, inhabit” the space of death.

Reviews of Tom McCarthy’s C 0

Booker Prize Shortlist Odds 0

Booker Shortlist Has Big Names But No Mitchell 2

The Booker field narrows, offering a mix of established names and relative unknowns.

Tuesday New Release Day 0

The Booker's Dozen: The 2010 Booker Longlist 10

With the unveiling of the Booker Prize longlist, the 2010 literary Prize season is officially underway. As is typically the case, the list offers a mix of exciting new names, relative unknowns and beloved favorites. Notable names include David Mitchell and Tom McCarthy.

Most Anticipated Summer Reading 2010 and Beyond: The Great 2010 Book Preview Continued 43

Dozens of books that you'll want to be reading for the rest of the year and into the next. Dig in!

First Lines of the New Tom McCarthy 4

Striking New Book Covers 1

Most Anticipated: The Great 2010 Book Preview 69

There's something for every lover of fiction coming in 2010, but, oddly enough, the dominant theme may be posthumous publication.