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Bluets (Paperback)

by Maggie Nelson

A Year in Reading: Margaret Eby 0

It’s a fascinating piece of work, bleak and weird and unafraid to question the assumptions of American mythology.

A Year in Reading: Jaquira Díaz 1

I finished it and then texted a bunch of friends to tell them about it and then immediately re-read it because DAMN it was just that good.

A Year in Reading: Meaghan O'Connell 0

My initial reaction was something like, “What is this shit, enough with these dolls!” But then I got sucked into what was one of the most satisfying reading experiences of my life.

What Kind 0

Writing the Body 0

A Year in Reading: Leslie Jamison 2

The book made me feel -- in the smartest, most graceful way -- like it was a lantern held up to deeply interior recesses of my own soul.

A Year in Reading: Haley Mlotek (The Hairpin) 0

I read and re-read my favorite books like it was a guilty pleasure, ashamed to be shunning all the new books that had come out, books that probably would’ve expanded my worldview or taught me something useful, but fuck it, Ali Smith gave me permission to take some time to understand the book in front of me.

A Day in the Life of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop 50

On a dismal midwinter Thursday, we – eighteen current students of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, poets and fiction writers alike - set out to chronicle one ordinary 24-hour period in our lives. Hannah Horvath: take note.

A Year in Reading: Stephen Elliott 1

I will say this, it was not my best year for reading. It was a year where I read a lot of really good books but almost no great books.

A Year in Reading: David Shields 1

I reread this book seemingly monthly, attempting--futilely--to figure out how he managed this brief, perfect magic trick.