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Blankets (Paperback)

by Craig Thompson

Emancipation from Irony: On 'The Best American Comics 2014' 5

When you read a comic, you are accepting a direct message from one singular honest soul. Your hand touches theirs. That soul can be strange. That soul can be sick. And it can also be oh-so earnest,

Joe Sacco Grapples with Human Nature: The Millions Interview 3

Every time you draw something, much like acting, you have to get into the role on some level of what that person is thinking or feeling. It’s easier to draw a sadist. The more difficult thing is to draw ordinary people doing atrocious things.

"Horrible things happen everywhere”: The Millions Interview with Craig Thompson 5

"There’s a very offensive Islamophobia that happens in the media. But then there’s also this overly-PC, liberal reaction to tiptoe around a lot of subjects which I think is its own form of insult."

The Greatest Story Ever Drawn 4

Despite my initial skepticism, I’m not sure that I’ve read a better graphic novel.

Tuesday New Release Day: Thompson, Stephenson, Adiga, McGinniss, Silverstein 2

Award Season 0