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Beautiful Ruins: A Novel (Hardcover)

by Jess Walter

The Point of the Paperback 16

Here’s what I learned, after a month of talking to editors, literary agents, publishers, and other authors: A paperback isn’t just a cheaper version of the book anymore. It’s a makeover. A facelift. And for some, a second shot.

A Year In Reading: Wrap Up 2

The numbers this year were simply bonkers.

A Year in Reading: Robert Birnbaum 0

I am a literary omnivore.

A Year in Reading: Roxane Gay 4

I can't remember a better year of reading.

Going Back to the Page: An Interview with Tatjana Soli 1

"The honest truth is that once the award's over, you forget about it. You go back and struggle over each page. The writing doesn’t get the least bit easier. It’s like a really incredible vacation — you go return to your real life."

Tuesday New Release Day: Haddon, Walter, Lanchester, Tóibín, Ondaatje 0