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An Underachiever's Diary: A Novel (Paperback)

by Benjamin Anastas

A Year in Reading: Thomas Mallon 0

What might have been a piece of niche self-pity - the boo-hoo travails of another belletristic, still-young Brooklynite - turns out to be a remarkably clear-eyed search for the deeper and more distant causes of a bad patch that extended itself much too far.

Literature is a Manner of Completing Ourselves: A Reader's Year 17

If I were an addict, I would get high and while high, presumably, worry about where I was to get my next fix. Reading is not all that different, I think. As a reader, I am always looking over the binding thinking about the next read, in some instances, longing for it. Some books, like some highs, are better than others. But even with not-so-good books, I will come back to the drug, seeking the next high.