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Among the Missing (Ballantine Reader's Circle) (Paperback)

by Dan Chaon

Whole Lives Are Dedicated to Not Thinking About Something: The Millions Interviews Dan Chaon 2

I pretended to be my own creation, no nature or nurture either, just a self-invented person. See? I’m just like you, readers of The Millions.

Running Through the Future, Screaming: Dan Chaon's Stay Awake 4

Contemporary writers such as Chabon, Lethem, and Whitehead import genre conventions into their literary fiction, but my guess is that their most avid readers tend to be those who never lost their taste for the detective story. Dan Chaon is a writer for those of us who thought we’d left genre behind.

In Praise of Precocious Narrators 7

In an age of shortening attention spans and the glorification of stupidity, I find it comforting and exciting to spend time with young characters for whom books, maps, notebooks, letters, research, drawings, imagined inventions and classic films are central and essential.

The Millions Interview: Dan Chaon 4

'To me, I guess, all fiction is fan fiction at a certain level, just as it always has an element of identity theft.'