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American Gods: A Novel (Paperback)

by Neil Gaiman

A Year in Reading: Brian Joseph Davis (The Composites) 0

Women who write popular books are given a raw deal out of the critical gates, judged on criteria that similarly popular male authors never face. How much had I unconsciously absorbed that bias?

Worlds Beyond Your Ken: A Guide to the Nebula Awards 7

The six novels nominated for this year’s Nebula Awards run from clanking steampunk fantasy from a first-timer Genevieve Valentine to heady and otherworldly linguistic theorizing courtesy of China Miéville—wonders await.

The Alternative, The Underground, The Oh-Yes-That-One List of Favorite Books of 2011 7

I have reached out to a band of fresh voices (some new, some established, some you know, some you will soon) and compiled the alternative, the underground, the “oh-yes-that-one” list of favorite books of 2011.

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