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American Genius: A Comedy (Paperback)

by Lynne Tillman

Miles to Go: Notes on Marathon Reading 5

You could feel the love. Here was a group turned out to commemorate the brilliance of one guy’s colossal strivings, his dogged humility, the beautiful nuance and intricate recursions of a mind pushing past the simple given.

Smirking Obsessives: a Primer on the Novels of Lynne Tillman 4

The more detailed your map of the Tillmanverse, the richer you’ll find your own wanderings through it.

Most Anticipated: The Great 2011 Book Preview 61

8,000 words strong and encompassing 76 titles, it's the only 2011 book preview you will ever need.

A Year in Reading 2010 32

There are many ways to measure a year, but the reader is likely to measure it in books.

The Millions Interview: Lynne Tillman 5

It has been said that Tillman is a writer who everyone has heard of but who no one has read.

#19: American Genius, A Comedy by Lynne Tillman 1

In American Genius, a Comedy, Tillman becomes, in effect, a dozen Ellingtons conducting a monumental symphony played by an orchestra consisting of a single multifarious instrument.

A Year in Reading: Christopher Sorrentino 0

A Year in Reading: Garth Risk Hallberg 1

Genius + Soul 0