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All Is Forgotten, Nothing Is Lost: A Novel (Hardcover)

by Lan Samantha Chang

The Millions Interview: Lan Samantha Chang 2

"Why does one strong writer fail to grow, and how does another find discipline? It’s certainly not something over which I, as the instructor, have much control. Sometimes I feel I might achieve the same results as I do now if I were simply to gather my students and feed them chicken soup."

Does School Kill Writing? 20

School wasn't my death as a writer, it was my birth; and it would not have happened without the guidance and support of inspiring teachers, access to magnificent libraries, and every student's most precious gift, free time.

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Most Anticipated Summer Reading 2010 and Beyond: The Great 2010 Book Preview Continued 43

Dozens of books that you'll want to be reading for the rest of the year and into the next. Dig in!