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Against the Day (Paperback)

by Thomas Pynchon

The Art of the Epigraph 9

I didn't have a great need to write that story, but the quote would have fit it so perfectly I actually have an unfinished draft somewhere in my discarded Word documents.

Most Anticipated: The Great Second-Half 2013 Book Preview 19

At 9,000 words strong and encompassing 86 titles, this is the only second-half 2013 book preview you will ever need.

Again, I Ask You: Is Big Back? 0

Dissecting the List: An Excursus 1

It's probably its hospitality to debate that makes the "Best Of" list so popular in the first place. One can agree - yes! great list! - or dissent - Where is x? Why no y? - or inveigh against list-making itself, but in any case, the list holds up a mirror to one's own preoccupations. As with any mirror, it is fearsomely hard to look away.

Hard-Boiled or Half-Baked?: A Review of Thomas Pynchon's Inherent Vice 2

What is actually novel about Pynchon's new novel? For one thing, it gives us a protagonist who is even more apt than its author to digress, to space out, to lose the thread.

A Year in Reading: Garth Risk Hallberg 3

Pagination Blues 2