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A Visit from the Goon Squad (Hardcover)

by Jennifer Egan

The Millions Top Ten: June 2016 0

We graduate two novels this month.

Rocking Out With the Goon Squad 1

The Broken Novel 1

The Point of the Paperback 16

Here’s what I learned, after a month of talking to editors, literary agents, publishers, and other authors: A paperback isn’t just a cheaper version of the book anymore. It’s a makeover. A facelift. And for some, a second shot.

Paradise Regained: An Interview with Lauren Groff 5

"I am in love with the gorgeous, elastic, leaping human brain that shuffles and connects disparate pieces of the world into a coherent story."

2010 National Book Critics Circle Award Winners Announced 1

Last night, the winners of the National Book Critics Circle Award were announced in New York City.

2011 PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction Nominees Announced 0

The Millions Top Ten: February 2011 1

Three debuts and a brand new number one.

The Great Divide: Writing Across Gender 20

Do we ever really “forget” the author? Does she ever truly recede when we are reading gender-crossing works? Do we necessarily want her to?

The Millions Top Ten: January 2011 2

Goon Squad! Plus two debuts a long time in coming.

2010 National Book Critics Circle Award Finalists Announced 5

The fiction list includes four books that have gotten quite a lot of attention over the last year

The Millions Top Ten: December 2010 1

Year in Reading recommendations storm the Top Ten.

Wrapping Up a Year in Reading 2010 10

“The best book I read all year was…”

A Year in Reading: Garth Risk Hallberg 2

The number of novelists with a claim to having published major work this year forms a kind of alphabet: Aira, Amis, Bolaño, Boyd, Carey, Cohen, Cunningam, Donoghue...

A Year in Reading: Danielle Evans 1

The two books that most stood out to me this year spoke broke through that haze by reminding me what language can still do.

A Year in Reading: Joanna Smith Rakoff 3

I found myself thinking about that long-ago interview—the advice he’d unknowingly doled out—and picking up some of the shorter novels on my bookshelves.

A Year in Marginalia: Sam Anderson 36

It's the most intimate, complete, and honest form of criticism possible.

A Year in Reading: Edan Lepucki 0

If  Boarding House Fiction isn’t a genre yet, it should be.

A Year in Reading: Emily St. John Mandel 1

The book opens with a narrow focus, then telescopes outward.

The Millions Top Ten: November 2010 2

One prize winner graduates to our Hall of Fame, another debuts.

The Notables: 2010 0

This year’s New York Times Notable Books of the Year list is out. Sticking with the fiction exclusively, it appears that we touched upon a few of these books as well.

The Millions Top Ten: October 2010 0

Not much action on the list last month, but a pair of favorites are pushing higher.

What We Teach When We Teach Writers: On the Quantifiable and the Uncertain 25

“I think the single most defining characteristic of a writer” – I found myself saying to a friend the other day, when she asked my thoughts on the teaching of writing – “I mean the difference between a writer and someone who ‘wants to be a writer,’ is a high tolerance for uncertainty.”

Warning! Teenagers Inside: The Appeal of the Young Protagonist 7

Doesn't every reader, male or female, young or old, find that phase of life to be particularly dramatic, moving, screwed up, and beautiful?

Reading and Rock and Roll 0

The Millions Top Ten: September 2010 2

A financial meltdown post-mortem graduates to the Hall of Fame and a Booker shortlister debuts.

Two Novellas 5

I've noticed an interesting trend recently toward what seems to me to be the deliberate miscategorization of books. Specifically, an insistence on the part of some publishers that practically everything’s a novel. I understand the reasoning behind it—novels, the argument goes, are somewhat easier to sell than either novellas or short story collections, and all’s fair in love, war, and literary fiction sales strategies—but it still seems unfortunate to me.

Millions Top Ten: August 2010 1

You know who grabbed the top spot, but which other two literary superstars made a splash on The Millions' list in August?

Robert Englund, Reader 0

Staff Pick: Larry Watson's Montana 1948 0

I spent a great deal of time on tour this summer, reading at bookstores from southern California to New Hampshire, and I encountered Larry Watson’s Montana 1948 toward the end of all this, a hot day in Ann Arbor when I had some time to kill before an event.

The Millions Top Ten: July 2010 2

A (NYRB) Classic and a prizewinner graduate to the Hall of Fame. Two summer reading favorites debut on our list.

Novelist-of-the-Future: A Profile of Jennifer Egan 5

As time has gone on, I have become interested in telling stories that are more complicated and less streamlined, and so I'm looking for more ways to do that as efficiently and powerfully as I can.

Tuesday New Release Day 0

Climbing a Tree, Uncovering a Duck: Writers on Writing 13

I've always sought out writing metaphors and similes because they articulate the strangeness, joy, and frustrations of such an abstract activity, one that requires you to dream and to focus at the same time.

Ah, The Children: Jennifer Egan's A Visit From the Goon Squad 3

Fans of Egan’s previous novels will be intrigued and excited, I think, to delve into her work in this new (for her) collage, time-shifty, polyphonic form.

Most Anticipated: The Great 2010 Book Preview 69

There's something for every lover of fiction coming in 2010, but, oddly enough, the dominant theme may be posthumous publication.