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A Separate Peace (Paperback)

by John Knowles

The Things My Books Carried 0

In The Stranger by Albert Camus: A greeting card and a blank envelope. The card has a cartoon king on the cover and inside it says, “You rule!” There is nothing else written anywhere.

The Literary Origins of North West 5

Is Kimye aware of the literary connotation of their baby name? Probably not, or they wouldn't have associated their daughter with mommy issues and madness as fickle as the wind.

Arrested Development: Leigh Stein's The Fallback Plan 17

I’ve been thinking lately about adulthood. When it begins, what expectations we might reasonably have of those just entering through its gates, and how we represent it in our fiction.

The Great Read Shark: Fear and Loathing at 40 27

When the Flower Children finished sitting in and singing mean songs about the president, most cut their hair and found jobs. But not Raoul Duke.

Emilie 20

My magnificent agent died a few days ago. Her name was Emilie Jacobson, but her colleagues called her Emmy. She found me in a slush pile.

Such, Such Were the Joys 12