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A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (Penguin Classics) (Paperback)

by James Joyce

Trapped in Purgatory with Stephen Dedalus and Anse Bundren 9

Get over yourself, Anse—and quit jabbering about your new teeth.

The Physical Book Will Surely Endure: But Will It Endure for the Right Reason? 8

As an empirical matter, reading on a tablet cannot remotely approach the sensual literary experience offered by an old-fashioned book. The latter is, I’d venture, intrinsically more pleasurable than the former, not unlike the intrinsic difference between high quality toilet paper and the sandpaper stuff used in bus stations.

The Character of Retreat 0

A Year in Reading: Caitlin Moran 2

In many ways, it is exactly like James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man -- but with the benefit of being 100 pages shorter, and screamingly funny.

On the Nightstand: On Deciding What to Read Next 18

Of the mess of books that has been unsystematically scattered throughout my home, and my life, which ones will make it to the nightstand? In what order will they be stacked? Perhaps most importantly: how will I decide?

Sacrament of Fiction: On Becoming a Writer and Not a Priest 9

Good fiction can be a form of good works. As a Catholic, I recognize that life is a story of continuous revision, of failure and unexpected grace, and of dogged hope. I am comfortable with the white space of ambiguity and mystery. I have faith, not certainty.

Leaked Literature: Why We Should Respect Salinger's Wishes 14

Readers will no doubt gain enjoyment from reading the leaked Three Stories manuscript, but they would do well to partially respect the author’s wishes by viewing its stories as experiments from an earlier time.

A Portrait of the Musician as a Young Man 0

Counter and Strange: Contemporary Catholic Literature 13

Catholic literature is thriving. Some are Catholic, some write about Catholic themes and characters, and some react against Catholicism.

In Defense of Autobiography 16

I spent years feeling like a failure before I’d even started writing, all because I was terrified of producing a cliché. If only I could have written a World War II epic with a chose your own adventure twist.

Copyrights Wake: SOPA, James Joyce, and the Future of Intellectual Property 4

We are going to need a completely new online framework for supporting creators, and to get there, we might have to move beyond a tired notion of “copyright” and towards “author’s rights.”

On Superheroes and Superintendents 2

It seems obvious to say, but wouldn’t we all like that chance to start from issue one, with a whole slew of villains and love interests and story arcs to cover?

My Favorites' Favorites 12

Where I formerly swallowed recommendations whole, I now cull through them – not exactly on my own but in a more independent fashion. I find books, I do not just receive them. Or, I try to.

It's Not You, It's Me: Breaking Up With Books 76

Recently it struck me that the list of books I’ve started and not finished has grown quite formidable. I ask myself what this “means,” if it reflects some kind of moral devolution.

The Best Books... Squared 1

Top Tens: Their Silliness, Their Allure 0