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A Good Life: Newspapering and Other Adventures (Paperback)

by Ben Bradlee

Books as Constant Companion: The Millions Interviews Pamela Paul 0

I threw aside all my life and career goals and set out to do something that I knew I might hate. Something that terrified me. Something that nobody like me would do. It ended up being the best decision I’ve ever made.

Herblock Loved the Little Guy and Hated Nixon's Guts 6

Herblock drew McCarthy and Nixon with swarthy mugs, sweating, frequently crawling out of mud puddles or open sewer holes. Herblock hated Nixon's guts and wasn't shy about saying so. In our watered-down, fair-minded times, such venom is bracing.

Prescriptivists vs. Descriptivists: The Fifth Edition of The American Heritage Dictionary 22

For all its many virtues, the fifth edition is not perfect. Its one glaring flaw is an introductory essay written by the chairman of the Usage Panel, Steven Pinker, a Harvard University linguist and cognitive scientist who is also an avowed descriptivist. What's that whirring noise I hear? Is it William Morris, who died in 1994, spinning in his grave?