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A Fortunate Age: A Novel (Paperback)

by Joanna Smith Rakoff

Sing It, Sister! On Meg Wolitzer's The Interestings 17

As I read its final lines, declarative and profound and true, I felt mournful. The book -- this book! -- was over. I closed the novel and wondered if I could write a book this big, this ballsy. I imagined Ms. Wolitzer behind an imposing mahogany desk, quill in hand. "Why not?" she said to me, and smiled. Yes, why not?

A Year in Reading 2010 32

There are many ways to measure a year, but the reader is likely to measure it in books.

A Novel for You and Me: A Fortunate Age by Joanna Smith Rakoff 12

Rakoff's novel poses a central question: what do you hold onto from your idealistic youth, and what do you shed?