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A Foreign Woman (Hardcover)

by Sergei Dovlatov

Sergei Dovlatov: Gravity, Levity, and Love 3

A few years ago, when I first starting reading and writing about Dovlatov, I focused on the wickedly humorous side of Dovlatov’s deadpan. But a few years later, and a few more books into his body of work, I find myself more interested in that earnestness and regret -- in Dovlatov the evolving man and artist, who crafted and, yes, honed a version of himself in his fiction that was just distorted enough to be true.

Sergei Dovlatov, Funny Families, and That Tall Brown Fence 9

The New Yorker published nine of Dovlatov's stories between 1981 and 1989. Why is he so little known or read in the West today?