Max’s Book Lists

The Millions started out as a place for Max to keep track of his reading, and he did so via various lists. Now that The Millions is about the reading proclivities of so many other people, as well, we’ve moved Max’s reading lists off the main Millions page to their own page here.

What I’m Reading Now

Indonesia, Etc. by Elizabeth Pisani

On Deck

A New Culture of Learning by Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown

The Reading Queue

  1. The Fall Of Baghdad by Jon Lee Anderson
  2. Iron Curtain by Anne Applebaum
  3. Super Crunchers by Ian Ayers
  4. Human Smoke by Nicholson Baker
  5. Darkmans by Nicola Barker
  6. The Possessed by Elif Batuman
  7. Havoc, in Its Third Year by Ronan Bennett
  8. A Fortunate Man by John Berger
  9. Over the Edge of the World by Laurence Bergreen
  10. The Free World by David Bezmogis
  11. A Memoir of the Warsaw Uprising by Miron Białoszewski
  12. Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo
  13. Superintelligence by Nick Bostrom
  14. The Harder They Come by T.C. Boyle
  15. Afgantsy by Roderic Braithwaite
  16. Intoxicated by My Illness by Anatyole Broyard
  17. Brilliant by Jane Brox
  18. Syncopated: An Anthology of Nonfiction Picto-Essays edited by Brendan Burford
  19. The Luminaries edited by Eleanor Catton
  20. In Patagonia edited by Bruce Chatwin
  21. Banvard’s Folly edited by Paul Collins
  22. Fire Season by Philip Connors
  23. Rolling Nowhere: Riding the Rails with America’s Hoboes by Ted Conover
  24. The Immortal Class by Travis Culley
  25. The Lifespan of a Fact by John D’Agata and Jim Fingal
  26. The Madonna of the Sleeping Cars by Maurice DeKobra
  27. The White Album by Joan Didion
  28. All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
  29. Homer & Langley by E.L. Doctorow
  30. Ryszard Kapuscinski: A Life by Artur Domoslawski
  31. The Dud Avocado by Elaine Dundy
  32. But Beautiful by Geoff Dyer
  33. His Excellency: George Washington by Joseph J. Ellis
  34. A Game of Brawl by Bill Felber
  35. Between the Woods and the Water by Patrick Leigh Fermor
  36. A Time of Gifts by Patrick Leigh Fermor
  37. My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante
  38. Cold New World by William Finnigan
  39. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
  40. On the Rez by Ian Frazier
  41. The Tree by John Fowles
  42. Panther Soup by John Gimlette
  43. The Information by James Gleick
  44. Will in the the World by Stephen Greenblatt
  45. The Size of the World by Jeff Greenwald
  46. Arcadia by Lauren Groff
  47. Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff
  48. Tinkers by Paul Harding
  49. Dispatches by Michael Herr
  50. The Whale by Philip Hoare
  51. Why Did Europe Conquer the World? by Philip Hoffman
  52. Round Rock by Michelle Huneven
  53. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
  54. Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro
  55. Where Good Ideas Come From by Stephen Johnson
  56. In Europe’s Shadow by Robert Kaplan
  57. The Revenge of Geography by Robert Kaplan
  58. Another Day of Life by Ryszard Kapuscinski
  59. The American Civil War by John Keegan
  60. The Mask of Command by John Keegan
  61. Freedom from Fear by David Kennedy
  62. The Liberator by Alex Kershaw
  63. Now the Hell Will Start by Brendan Koerner
  64. Give Me Everything You Have by James Lasdun
  65. It’s Beginning to Hurt by James Lasdun
  66. Submergence by J.M. Ledgard
  67. If You’re Not Yet Like Me by Edan Lepucki
  68. The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan
  69. The Ask by Sam Lipsyte
  70. Stories for Nighttime and Some for the Day by Ben Loory
  71. The Preservationist by David Maine
  72. Class A by Lucas Mann
  73. Her Privates We by Frederic Manning
  74. Money: The Unauthorized Biography by Felix Martin
  75. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers
  76. McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern Issue 13
  77. The Marketplace of Ideas by Louis Menand
  78. American Rust by Philipp Meyer
  79. The Glorious Cause by Robert Middlekauff
  80. The Two Trillion Dollar Meltdown by Charles Morris
  81. God Help the Child by Toni Morrison
  82. Diary of a Very Bad Year by n+1
  83. The Dog by oseph O’Neill
  84. The Second Coming of Mavala Shikongo by Peter Orner
  85. The Children’s Crusade by Ann Packer
  86. Bad Land by Jonathan Raban
  87. The Secret Parts of Fortune by Ron Rosenbaum
  88. Listen to This by Alex Ross
  89. Ghost Writer by Philip Roth
  90. Early Bird: A Memoir of Premature Retirement by Rodney Rothman
  91. The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat by Oliver Sacks
  92. Atlas of Remote Islands by Judith Schalansky
  93. The Island at the Center of the World by Russell Shorto
  94. Super Sad Love Story by Gary Shteyngart
  95. The Signal and the Noise by Nate Silver
  96. White Teeth by Zadie Smith
  97. The Day of the Oprichnik by Vladimir Sorokin
  98. How the States Got Their Shapes by Mark Stein
  99. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
  100. The Big Roads by Earl Swift
  101. The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt
  102. The Great Railway Bazaar by Paul Theroux
  103. The Last Train to Zona Verde by Paul Theroux
  104. Quite Enough of Calvin Trillin: Forty Years of Funny Stuff by Calvin Trillin
  105. Within the Context of No Context by George W.S. Trow
  106. Portrait with Keys by Ivan Vladislavic
  107. Consider the Lobster by David Foster Wallace
  108. State by State edited by Matt Weiland, Sean Wilsey
  109. Legacy of Ashes by Tim Weiner
  110. The Inheritance of Rome by Chris Wickham
  111. Celine Dion’s Let’s Talk About Love: A Journey to the End of Taste by Carl Wilson
  112. The Greatest Trade Ever by Gregory Zuckerman


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