Articles by Sam Allingham

March 4, 2014

On Reading Aloud 1

There are precious few opportunities in life to read and be read to, and there is something utopian to me about the creation of a site like Librivox, which operates solely on people’s inexhaustible appetite for reading and listening.

November 22, 2013

A Library of the Mind 7

Even if I managed to keep my mental concentration long enough to maintain one section of this library-of-the-mind, the idea of trying to juggle multiple sections ended up being too much, and I was forced to give up the whole project, having only completed one of Borges’s hexagons.

February 13, 2012

Some Other, Better Bernhard, or the Rights and Wrongs of Readership 6

How did such an unpleasant author fashion such a stunning coup? Is it because he isn’t as unpleasant as everyone says he is?

November 25, 2011

My Mother is a Book: On Elisabeth Gille’s The Mirador 2

No matter how liberal we consider ourselves about the slippery line between memoir and autobiographical fiction – even if we are more Exley than Oprah on the matter – there is still something that seems suspicious about the enterprise of full-on fictional memoir. Is this allowable? Can one simply jump in and narrate the course of another person’s life. Perhaps – if you do it right.

November 11, 2011

The Disappointment Author: Lethem v. Wood 103

The critical takedown is well-known cultural corrective with a long and glorious history. The fellow critic providing cultural corrective to someone who has gotten too big for his or her britches — it’s practically a public service, if you do it right.