Articles by Lydia Kiesling

September 1, 2009

Personals, for the Bookish 4

Stephen Gertz compares American and British literary personals at the Fine Books Magazine blog.

September 1, 2009

Books for Problematic Times 0

Read and submit a “book for problematic times,” a blogger’s response to Newsweek’s uninspired 50 Books for Our Times.

August 17, 2009

Summer of My Discontent 13

Sometimes I read a novel that drags and before long I have spurned books in favor of internet television, Calvin and Hobbes, and puerile blogs.

July 23, 2009

Modern Library Revue: #20 Native Son 4

Wright’s pacing is brilliant. It starts hard. It’s a realistic sort of pace. It doesn’t get easier as the novel goes on, but things get explained.

July 15, 2009

Modern Library Revue: #15 To the Lighthouse 5

To write this installment of Modern Revue, I located and reread the copy of To the Lighthouse I had in college. The shock that the novel delivered to my booze-sodden collegiate nervous system is demonstrable. My copy looks like a creature, bristling with orange post-its. Obscure marginal notes abound, many of which are enormously insightful. […]

July 8, 2009

Middlesex on the Tube 2

I just discovered that HBO is going to turn Jeffrey Eugenides’ novel Middlesex into a series. Immediately all was untrammeled rapture. I love Middlesex, and I am a big fan of HBO series generally. The Sopranos. The inimitable Wire. Curb Your Enthusiasm. Rome. Deadwood. And yes, Sex and the City. I know that Sex and […]

June 19, 2009

Modern Library Revue #40: The Heart of the Matter 5

I have a slightly hard time with Graham Greene. I don’t know why. I think his writing is very good. He has weighty themes and sexy titles. And yet I have found that I can’t really remember anything about his novels beyond the most basic plot points. I’m talking about his “serious” fiction here. I […]

June 5, 2009

The Reading Coincidence 2

I’m sorry to be redundant and mention books about which I have just written, but I wanted to remark on a phenomenon. So, last week, discovering that I was out of things to read, I visited a secondhand book shop with ten minutes to spare and grabbed, basically at random: The Heart of the Matter […]

June 4, 2009

Amis and Amis 0

If you have more than one copy of a beloved book, you can be the charming, laissez-fair book owner who lends freely and says “return it never,” instead of the saturnine turd who continues to brood over a two-dollar copy of Lonesome Dove which someone may have, but probably did not, fail to return in […]

May 18, 2009

Modern Library Revue: #22 Appointment in Samarra 8

This book is very spicy. I would imagine that it made an absolute scene upon its publication.