Articles by C. Max Magee

January 27, 2014

Judging Books by Their Covers 2014: U.S. Vs. U.K. 17

We are undoubtedly swayed by the little billboard that is the cover of every book we read.

January 4, 2014

The Millions Top Ten: December 2013 1

Year in Reading takes a new book to the top of our list.

December 24, 2013

A 2013 Cheat Sheet for All You New Kindle (And Other Ereader) Owners 4

For all those readers unwrapping shiny new devices, here are some links to get you going.

December 23, 2013

The Best of The Millions: 2013 0

Before we get into 2014, let’s take a look at what was keeping readers interested on The Millions in 2013.

December 20, 2013

Wrapping Up A Year in Reading 2013 4

It was fun and now we’re done.

December 10, 2013

New Murakami Coming in August 0

Big news: It looks like Haruki Murakami’s much-anticipated new novel Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his Years of Pilgrimage finally has a U.S. publication date: August 12, 2014.

December 2, 2013

A Year in Reading: 2013 3

Another year of living, another year of reading. And, if you’re like us, when you look back, you’ll mark out the year in books.

December 1, 2013

The Millions Top Ten: November 2013 17

A Pulitzer winner graduates to our Hall of Fame.

November 12, 2013

The Millions Top Ten: October 2013 3

Awards season means a huge shake-up for our list, including a new number one.

November 11, 2013

Call Me Twitterer: Literary Twitter’s First Tweets 5

Twitter appears to be here to stay, for a while anyway. And it will remain a pastime for writers looking for book news, inspiration, distraction, literary puns, and every other thing they might want. But it wasn’t always that way. In the not too distant past, the literary lights of Twitter pecked out their first 140 characters and waited to see what Twitter would bring.